Wooden deck with in landscaping project in Los Altos, CA
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General B, C-27

Landscaping . Woodworking . Craft Stone Work . Garden Art .
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Dream the landscapes that you really want. A process we will help you pursue by polishing your Dream and even Dreaming of new landscape visions for you. We believe that helping you Dream and create the landscape that you have in mind, is one of the most important steps of the landscaping process. We are involved in every aspect and will interact with you in a way that will stretch your Dream and overall landscaping possibilities.

Design the landscape, is what we love to do. Here we use our creative talent and years of experience designing beautiful, innovative and functional landscape spaces. Graduating from the top of our class from distiguished Landscape Architectural College of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, truly allows us to set the bar in Landscape Design and Construction. Transfroming your landscaping Dream into a feasible Design of high quality, while offering a sound budget is one of our main purposes, and skills. One of our favorite professional satisfactions, is seeing the delight in customers after they themselves see there Dream actually implemented and improved.

Build the design of your dreams. The building process is a craft we know well and are constantly refining. We our proud to be one of the few Landscape firms in the San Francisco Peninsula who have the skills and licences to be able to perform all facets of construction In-House. We do not Sub-Contract. We take pride in our work. Only opperating with the highest professionalis an almost onsessive attention to detail and craftmanship. Our experience allows us to advise you on materials and processes with a cost-effective mindset, while maintaining the landscape design and build on budget and time.

Landscape the final landscape will change your home and how you use your space, while improving your overall quality of Life...

Climate is fundamental for landscaping choices. We have years of experience with all plants, trees, grass and flowers typically used in the Palo Alto area in California. We can make your Northern California garden dream a reality...