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Natural Vibrations Landscaping Inc. - Testimonials

"The design and use of materials met all of our expectations and enhanced the property aesthetically. I have been impressed with your integrity, responsiveness, strong work ethic, cost management and more over your creativity. I would not hesitate to give anyone who asks my strongest recommendation for you and your work."
—Warren Baker, President of Cal Poly
San Luis Obispo, CA
"Kris and Aaron designed and then installed our front and back yard. Through their design, they were able to bring a cohesiveness to our front and back yard so it felt like one sweeping landscape. They were incredible hard working, creative and they themselves were responsible for the entire build of the project."
—Sharon Seagel
San Carlos, CA
"I was impressed with their work ethic and ability to add value to my property through their design and installation. Their responsiveness to my wife and I and ability to make changes to the design instantly without slowing the project down truly separates Natural Vibrations from the larger, poorly managed firms."
—Steve Sawyer
Menlo/Atherton, CA
"I had landscaped my front yard three different times with no avail, due to the steep incline of the property, poor soil, intense sun, and wind. My friend referred me to Natural Vibrations Inc so I called. Not were they only able to identify and solve all of the issues with my landscape but I now have the most lush and beautiful garden on my street."
—Frances Jorden
San Carlos Hills, CA
"Natural Vibrations Inc had design and built my neighbor's yard with a Mediterranean theme. I was really impressed with the quality of their stone work. Kris came over and gave us a wonderful presentation of the project along with a design. I would say my house is more of a cottage style and with the use of painted wood arbors, trellises and brick work, Natural Vibrations Inc was able to carry the theme style of my house into the landscape."
—Nancy Caulkbrenner
Palo Alto, CA
"I was impressed with how well versed Natural Vibrations Inc was in all facets of construction within my project. Both owners were involved in the project from start to finish."
—John Makintire
San Carlos, CA
"Natural Vibrations Inc gave me a Garden that far surpassed my wildest dreams. Their knowledge of California Native Plants and design sense allowed them to create an ecologically sustainable garden that blooms year round, is low maintenance, and is drought tolerant. I was also able to accompany Kris to many of his whole sale nurseries and actually selected many of the plants used in my landscape."
—Leslie Adams
Belmont, CA